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Our Roots

2002 ~ Brilliant Star Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten opens in South Surrey.

2008 ~  Christine joins the Brillant Star Montessori team as facility manager.

2014 ~ Christine is honoured to assume the ownership of Brilliant Star Montessori and builds on it's foundation to create Precious Seeds Montessori & Forest Programs.

2021 ~ Precious Seeds children's programs close and Precious Seeds launches Support Services.

2022 ~ Precious Seeds Book Series launched.  "First Day of Forest School" published.


Our Foundation


We believe the following are core components to a quality child care program.


Holistic education programs guide each person to find meaning and purpose through community connections, natural world connections, and humanitarian virtues.  The aim of this type of education calls forth an intrinsic reverence for life and a passion for learning.


We believe learning programs should focus on both character development and intellectual development.  The goals should be to establish a safe, warm and caring environment whithin which children learn positive and appropriate ways to handle situations and emotions; to develop a strong sense of self-discipline, responsibility, courtesty and self-confidence; and to develop an atmosphere conducive to peaceful learning.


Childrens' programs should offer a child-centred environent that fosters understanding and cherishes the uniqueness of each individual child and promotes his or her learning by remembering that:

  • All children can learn.​

  • Children learn in different ways and at different rates.

  • Learning needs to be relevant and responsive to individual needs and interests.

  • Children learn best when they feel physically and emotionally safe.

  • Learning should build upon children's successes.

  • Education should be holistic, developing the interdependent facets of the child's mind, body and soul.

  • Children's self-esteem and happniess are key to succesful learning.


Universally understood virtues are the building blocks of children's characters.  We believe comminuty leaders are responsible for modelling personal integrity in both action and words; respecting each individual for the unique talents and gifts that he or she brings to our community; living and learning together joyfully; and striving to include the widest range of people in a learning comminuty, regardless of culture, socio-economic status or ability.


We believe children can be introduced to a developmentally appropriate concept of our Creator.  We believe children instintively know the truth about God and children can come to know about God's invisible qualities through creation and caring relationships.  Children should hear: God created our world, God loves and knows everyone, we can talk to God, and we find joy in caring for the world and others.

We acknowledge and respect the diversity of belief systems and suggest you welcome everyone.  Invite families to discuss what their child hears at your program in relation to their own belief system in an effort to cultivate tolerance and grace.

Our Team

Christine, Director

Childcare Philosophy

Christine believes children deserve the right to respectful and peaceful guidance in their development.  She believes children possess “inner gems” and our responsibilities as caregivers is to help children become aware of these gems in themselves and others.  She believes in a holistic childcare program to support children’s natural desire to learn.



She has completed her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology at UBC and Preschool Montessori teacher training at the North American Montessori Training Center (NAMC).  As well, she has completed her Early Childhood Education (ECE) training at Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute and Forest Facilitor Training at Fresh Air Learning.

Experience and Passion

Christine has experience working with children for more than 20 years, 14 years of that managing, owning and operating centres.  Beyond the time she has put in over the years, her passion to honour children shines through.  When you see Christine interact with a child, you know she truly respects and cares for that child.

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